Safiyy’s first favourite pohela baishak 2016

April 13th: Safiyy celebrated Pohela Baishak at school with his friends. He wore a white punjabi with red pants. In school, they sang songs, made hand fans and took lots of photos. After a long week, we were all finally home but in the evening, we were jolted by an earthquake (epicenter: Myanmar). Safiyy was watching shows with his daddy while mamma had just come out of the shower. We deliberated for a long time about whether we would go out or not but in the end decided to be adventerous. Safiyy went to Nimoni’s house while mamma and daddy went to the pre pohela baishak party at Nadia’s house. He stayed up late and then nimoni put him to sleep around 10.30pm. The next morning he wakes up and mamma and daddy are right next to him.
April 14th: Safiyy watches Peppa pig until it’s time for breakfast that Josna apa made. Then he gets ready to go to see his Nimoni, Anna jaan, Dimoni and Dadabhai. He has fun at both grandparents place and ate watermelon and mishti at Dimoni’s place. Once he got back, it was time for a nap. When he woke up, he got ready and he realized that all his uncles and aunties had come to his house. They were all dressed in punjabis and sharis except for his daddy who wore a black t shirt and red and white checkered shorts. Safiyy saw his Ahana apu and right behind her was Amari. He spent the next few hours having fun with everyone while all the uncles and aunties stayed late and enjoyed themselves. Aka GOT TRASHED. By 9pm, Safiyy was tired from the day so he was ready to go to bed. He spent some time with his mamma and daddy before going to sleep.
April 15th: On Friday morning he spent the day with his mamma and daddy at home just chilling out. Safiyy pretended to be a little doggy and it was rather difficult to put him to sleep (probably still excited from the previous day) but eventually he slept. Daddy was excited to have leftovers from the day before while mamma was trying to organize a gift for Tayvaan. After he woke up he got ready to go to the party. At the birthday party there were horsies and goats and posters of cows. Safiyy likes birthdays and ate a deviled egg, a sandwich and a cupcake. Safiyy enjoys cupcakes. Then he came back with a goody bag which was actually a pot for plants with some seeds, a toy duck and 4 chocolates in them. He played for a bit and after his dinner mamma and daddy were getting ready to go on a date. They dropped Safiyy at his nimoni’s house and were gone for a while. Safiyy played with Nimoni and then fell asleep.
April 16th: The next morning Safiyy woke up and finds himself in his bed. He realized that he wasn’t going to school and that mamma and daddy were going to be home as well. Apparently Nimoni wasn’t feeling well so Safiyy went with his mamma to visit her. On the way he bought some coconuts and pineapples for her. At their place he made a big mess and refused to tidy up. After he got home, his mamma fed him and forced him to go to sleep. After he woke up it was time to go swimming!!! At the club, he saw Anirban chachchu, Radhika aunty, Ahana apu, Misha chachchu, Namira aunty, Amari, Khalfup, Ahsan chachchu and Yamen chachchu. Everyone had come to swim and have fun. He swam for a while and then decided he wanted to play at the playground. Once play time was over he ate a chocolate cupcake and some fries. Safiyy loves his cupcakes. After he came home, he pretended to be a doggy for a while and then eventually fell asleep after eating pulao and chicken. This was Safiyy’s first fun Pohela Baishak.  Shubho Nobo Borsho!